Styromax Panels

Sandwich panels are the most important component in the construction of modern commercial refrigeration vehicles.The use of these layered panels (sandwich) reduces production costs and gives better design flexibility. A typical sandwich panel consists of two facings (fibreglass flat sheet) and a core (Styrofoam) but can also contain within, for example: steel reinforcements for heavy fridge support or plywood to absorb compression forces for inner wall protection. Our laminated panels combine load bearing structural properties with low weight, thus reducing fuel consumption and therefore operational costs. Depending on the product you freight and the temperature you require we have the flexibility to produce panels from 30mm in thickness and up to 150mm thickness.....all temperature zones can be accommodated even if its Eutectic at minus 40 degrees C.

One of our complex Styromax mobile home panels…..this one is for a fifth wheeler at 9.2 meters long x 2.8 meters high.