Meat Hanger

At Summercool we custom design your Meat Hanger truck to suit your business. No matter
the length or height we can accommodate your needs including Freezer or Chiller...your choice.
The very best in thermal efficiency is utilized to maintain the utmost integrity of your products
while in transport .Quality Construction that Lasts!

Summercool Meat Hanger

Summercool offer RHS Steel frame construction within the roof structure and front wall to accommodate
the heavy loads demanded by Meat Hanger trucks. Our wall panels are a unique 6 component part
composite panel specially designed to counter the loads carried by the roof. Panels are exclusive to
Summerccool and offer structural integrity, seamless and bright white interior, waterproof, are sanitary,
puncture resistant and have an easy to clean surface. All interior corners are fully glassed...
Even the floor chassis is extra strong to take the loads.

Options available are many from different types of non slip floors to rear doors that can be roller, triple or barn and an internal frame guard to avoid damage to your fridge. You get all of this with the best price in town plus a Three Year Guarantee. Call us today!

Meat Hanger Rails

Summercool Meat Hanger Rails

Meat Hanger Fridge Guard

Summercool Meat Hanger Fridge Guard