Eutectic Refrigeration and Body

Eutectic or cold plate technology has been around for well over 50 years and is a proven and reliable means of refrigeration for transport applications. It is different to your off engine drive or diesel driven systems as no compressor is required to operate during delivery times. Eutectic plates are filled with a brine solution and these plates are mounted on the front wall and ceiling and it is only during off period or night time that the compressor needs to operate. Just connect to mains power and refrigerant is driven through the plates which in turn freeze the brine to a desired temperature....this can be as low as minus 40 degrees C, the whole process takes around 8 hours or so. Unplug from the mains and you are ready to go, temperature will be set for the days run and be maintained for around 8-10 hours depending on door openings. The advantages of Eutectic refrigeration are longer fridge life, quiet operation, reliability and lower operational costs. 

Excellent thermal body protection is a must for Eutectic refrigeration to operate effectively. The truck body must be protected from outside temperature influences so its imperative the best in body design, construction and insulation material is utilized. Inferior body design construction or insulation will cause rapid temperature loss through the body shell, the Eutectic plates as a result will not be able to recover. Summercool Eutectic bodies are designed and constructed in Australia for Australian conditions.