Truck Body Construction Gallery

Chassis construction in progress. Styromax one piece floor bolted to the chassis awaiting the walls. Want maintenance free external trim. New anodized type exclusive from Summercool. Eutectic construction underway. Styromax panel manufacture exclusive to Summercool A Eutectic roof with internal RHS frame, thermal break.Special Styrogrip one piece laminated floor with RHS frame and insulation for Eutectic Body. 3.0m high bodies... no problem for Summercool and Styromax panels. Want a particularly tough floor... try hardwood.. we do those too. Special European internal lighting designed specially for refirgeration use. No cheap Chinese imports to cause you problems. Only quality European hardware is used by Summercool on all our trucks... be it zinc or stainless steel we only use the best. No cheap Chinese imports here.  Typical truck front wall with RHS frame internal for fridge support. Standard emergency release mechanism on all Summercool bodies. Quality right down to the small details. No other body builder gives you quality standard features like this. Styrogrip one piece floor with aluminium skid rails. With all aluminium skid rails Summercool will incorporate within Styromax wall panels a high impact resistance inner ply wall protector. Again, exclusive to Summercool. Only quality LED clearance lights used all round. A standard feature. No matter what type or special request you need for accessories Summercool can do it all.
One piece floor attached to chassis main runners before installation. Cutting to size a Styromax truck panel in the clean room. Typical enclosed rear end, only from Summercool. A rear Tri door for Bidvest with internal stairs. Tough mudguard construction on all Summercool bodies. Check other Body Builder and see the difference.

Typical chassis construction using RHS zinc or hot dip galvanizing, your choice. Plywood insert under the inside skin of a Styromax Truck panel for high impact resistance